Health Nut Raw Foods – SOLD!

It’s been a very overwhelming time. I was in Herrang, Sweden when I learned that I’d need to move the studio. I still had Rawstock to run at the end of August too… and that was without the usual Bees’ Knees and Health Nut workload. Then, my husband became ill in mid-September and I had to re-evaluate a lot of things going on in my life.

The result? I decided that it would be best for me to sell Health Nut Raw Foods and lighten my work load. I need to spend more time with my husband right now and just take care of Bees’ Knees Dance as best that I can.

This Saturday will be the closing date for Health Nut. I’m pleased to be passing it on to Sharon of Happy Vegan Kitchen. She’s wonderful and I know that she’ll do a fabulous job.