LA & Disneyland 2012


January 2012 Vacation to Los Angeles & Disneyland

Posted on February 5, 2012


My husband and I took a nice vacation at the beginning of January. We went to LA to visit some friends, do some touring, and hit Disneyland! Geoff is a huge Disney fan. Not so much the Disney films really, more of Walt Disney as a visionary.

We spent 3 days at Disneyland. That’s quite a lot out of a seven day trip but we really enjoyed ourselves. It’s a nice way to hang out and spend time together.

We also had some nice outings with our hosts. We did a quick tour of Balboa Island and Laguna Beach, we went dancing (Lindy Hop) one night… In particular, the night that we spent at the Queen Mary was really lovely. Being the living history enthusiasts that we are, this was a great excuse to dress up.

There was an unfortunate incident on the ship though. It was very crowded at the bar where the band was playing so initially we didn’t have a table and seats. We had to put my stole (fake btw), and the men’s jackets in a little pile on a banister and Geoff placed his hat on the top. While we were dancing, Geoff suddenly noticed that there was an older guy dancing wearing the same kind of boater hat. At first he thought it was neat that the guy had the same hat… until he realized that it was the EXACT same hat. His hat! As soon as he mentioned it to me I marched right over, took it off the man’s head and scolded him. “That’s not yours!” He wasn’t even apologetic. This wasn’t some cheapo fake boater hat. It was a nice, high quality and rather expensive hat. We couldn’t believe the audacity!

We managed to hit one raw restaurant, Cafe Gratitude. It was great! I was worried that it might be a little bit too much of a “scene” for Geoff to enjoy but he was a good sport about it. The menu was half cooked which was also preferable for him.

We each had tacos. His were cooked, mine raw. And then we had two outstanding raw desserts. He had the raw mocha cheesecake which was very good, and I had the raw tiramisu which was quite outstanding.