Health Nut Raw Foods – SOLD!

It’s been a very overwhelming time. I was in Herrang, Sweden when I learned that I’d need to move the studio. I still had Rawstock to run at the end of August too… and that was without the usual Bees’ Knees and Health Nut workload. Then, my husband became ill in mid-September and I had to re-evaluate a lot of things going on in my life.

The result? I decided that it would be best for me to sell Health Nut Raw Foods and lighten my work load. I need to spend more time with my husband right now and just take care of Bees’ Knees Dance as best that I can.

This Saturday will be the closing date for Health Nut. I’m pleased to be passing it on to Sharon of Happy Vegan Kitchen. She’s wonderful and I know that she’ll do a fabulous job.

Toronto Raw Vegan Festival 2012

There are days when I wonder what in the world I was thinking starting a second business (Health Nut) but weekends like this help me to feel like it was all a good idea after all. I’m very tired but so happy after feeding the people and receiving such a warm response at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival. This was my first festival where I had my own independent booth. Rather than sharing with my pals at Truly Organic Foods, I had a table of my own right beside them. It was a great weekend! The cheese was a hit and a fascination with everyone there, and everyone was crazy for the nut butters. Success!


Big day for Health Nut at Niagara VegFest!

I’m still recovering from last week’s Frankie Tribute Weekend but there’s no time to rest yet! Today was Niagara VegFest

and I was sharing a half table with my pals Lee & Kent. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from St. Catharines but boy was I proved wrong. WOW! The festival was absolutely slammed from the moment that the doors opened at 10am. There was a lineup outside and the crowds just kept on coming until well after 2pm! I couldn’t believe it.

I had my line of the 7 primary nut butters and 4 nut cheeses for sale and was giving out samples of Cinnamon Bun Butter, Havarti Style cashew cheese and Cheddar Style cashew cheese. Everything was a huge hit! I made a mistake by only taking a half table. Next year I’ll definitely need a full one. And they’re going to have to find a bigger space for next year because it was a CRAZY ZOO! Major kudos to the organizers for the incredible promotion that they did for the event.

Next week it’ll be a double wammy at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival both Saturday and Sunday. In addition to having a full table for Health Nut in the grand hall, the Bees’ Knees crew will also be performing at 4pm. Check it out!