Geoff’s birthday weekend in Buffalo 2012

We have a habit of spending Geoff’s birthday, April 21st, out of the country. Last year at this time we were in New York. This year we just hopped over the border for a little weekend excursion. 

Unfortunately, his birthday gift hadn’t arrived yet when we left, but it will be in this week. I ordered him this very cool jacket from My Baby Jo.

We left yesterday morning and made our first stop at the Lakeside Diner which is a spot we’ve been to before a few times. In fact, I think that we went there for Geoff’s birthday 2 or 3 years ago with Dean. Then we went to poke around the antique area that we’re fond of. Geoff found two pair of really nice cuff links, one set with an “H” on it for Holmes and the other with little Jitterbuggers on it! That was a pretty neat find. We also spied a great men’s vintage 50s bike in red and excellent condition that Geoff was very attracted to, but at $450 he’d have to want to ride a lot more often than he does to make it really worth while.

Then we headed over to Miss Josie’s Antiques. This is a great store where I bought a few hats a couple of years ago and they didn’t let me down this time either. I have a bit of a hat radar and immediately found two fantastic hats. One is bright orange with flowers on it, very vibrant and extreme, and the other is a little dark green day number that I’ll call my Peter Pan Hat. Photos forthcoming. There was also a nice black hat that I don’t particularly need since I have so many but it has a neat little art deco accessory on it so I grabbed it to resell since the price was right.

After that we went to the vintage car Museum; The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum. It’s not a big museum but they have a few really exquisite cars. Some day when Ginger, our 1929 Graham Paige, is done we’ll be able to drive her down there for one of their car shows.

I had wanted to go see some jazz on Saturday but we were really pooped and took an epic nap. By the time we went out for dinner it was 8:30pm and we weren’t done until about 10:30. We went back to watch a bit of TV instead which is a novelty for us since we aren’t TV people. At 2:30am there was a big fire alarm at the hotel which was really disruptive. After the evacuation, I couldn’t get to bed until 5am and then we slept in. In the morning we went to Bertha’s Diner, another place that we like back in the antique area.  We had some time to kill so we did a bit of shopping, and then it was time for the main event of the weekend.

Experience Shea’s as it originally was – a grand movie palace with a live orchestra, when the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performs LIVE to the 1925 black and white silent film “The Phantom of the Opera” starring Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin April 22, 2:30pm. Touted as being one of the greatest horror films of all time, this cinematic classic with its score performed live by the BPO is a very special event not to be missed!

Well that was a really neat idea! Seeing a silent film as it was meant to be seen, with live musical accompaniment and in a big beautiful theatre with an appreciative audience. A++ It was so compelling! My only regret was that I got a little sleepy in the second act since Geoff and I had some champagne on the intermission. Still, it was a really neat experience seeing it on the big screen. I would definitely like to do something like that again.

Also, the Shea’s Theater is really beautiful. I’d like to see some more things there.

So I guess that’s a wrap for the weekend. We didn’t take many photos but I’ll upload some when we get a chance, including the cuff links and hats.

Happy birthday, my wonderful husband! XO