Summer 2014 Highlights

It’s September 5th and a scorcher outside, but by the school calendar summer is over.

This summer I used July to recover from closing and passing on the studio. I was able to get in to Toronto for some social visits and enjoyed going to Canada’s Wonderland with Bryan and eating doughnuts with Laura. Zoey came and spent a few days with us which was nice.

In August, Geoff and I took a trip to Cedar Point amusement park which was quite fun. Even more exciting was the visit to the fabulous Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum. I can’t believe I’ve never gone before! It’s fabulous. So much so that Geoff is there again this weekend for an old car show where the cars are from 1931 or earlier. I’ll join him next year.

Then it was the first Niagara Jazz Festival. It was a wonderful event and I’m excited to be a part of what I’m sure will be a growing and prosperous festival in the years to come. It was nice of Chachi to come and help out.

Finally, last weekend I attended Swing Out New Hampshire. This is a really great camp. Sadly, I got the blues while I was there, but the camp is wonderful and I highly recommend it. I also really enjoyed zipping in to Boston for the day with my new pal, Melvin.