Speaking Without Thinking – Day 8

Yesterday Geoff asked me, “Would you like to go to see the Toronto All Star Big Band play at Crystal Beach?”

“Sure, let’s go.” I answered without thinking before slapping my hands over my mouth. He had a good laugh over that.

It’s been more than a week of silence to let my vocal nodules heal but the slips just keep coming. I manage quite well when I’m conscious of it, but being caught while thinking about something else is a whole other story.

Had a nice time dancing at Crystal Beach. Saw a few people we know and managed to write to them a few words and let Geoff do the speaking. People came over to us to ask about our dancing. I thought they might find it weird that Geoff was doing all the talking, but once he took ownership of the responses nobody seemed to notice that the wife was silent. Is that normal? I guess there are some relationships where the men do all of the talking. Very old fashioned. I’m not used to letting someone speak for me, particularly about dancing. Weird experience.