Sort of Still Going – Day 13 & 14

I feel that I’m doing a lousy job. The last couple of days I’ve continued to whisper and speak a few times. I should really be completely silent if I want to heal my vocal nodules but I keep finding myself in situations that are too frustrating without some communication, even limited, and writing can get very awkward. Should I stay home and do nothing? I guess that overall, I’m still doing a pretty ok job, and I still am really silent most of the time.

Friday we went to see a film, The Man From UNCLE. It had a lot of problems and gaps with character development and a script that the male actors had trouble pulling off, but overall I liked it. Great visually and I like where they wanted to go with it. They’ve set it up to be a series, so we’ll see if they can fix their mistakes if they make a second film.

Yesterday we did a road trip to Port Dover and Turkey Point. Nice day.