So many websites, so little time

Check out these great websites!

I think that it was Pinterest that gave me the idea. I’ve just gotten over being really sick for a couple of weeks and spending WAY too much time cooped up at home… inevitably on the computer.

With all of the fun of pinning on Pinterest and having an cyber-bulletin board, it got me thinking… I have quite a few websites, and sometimes it’s a bit confusing to explain about all of the different projects that I’m working on. And even for myself, I sometimes have trouble remembering what my next priority should be since I have so many balls up on the air. So why not set up a designated website just for me?

I like the idea. I have a little blog for my food experiments, but sometimes I just want to write about something general that’s going on in my life or that’s on my mind. This site will allow me to pull from whatever source I’m currently in the mood. I’m feeling really good about it!

So here’s to my new all purpose website! I’m enjoying it already.