Marilyn Monroe & her TV Dinner

Last night we went to the 20th Annual CKOC Reunion Dance, an event in Hamilton put on by the oldies radio station. We went to the event last year and had a pretty good time, so we thought we’d go again. Also, our friend Dean won first prize in the costume contest last year and a great prize of $500, so Geoff thought he’d put together a really great costume and shoot for the cash prize.

We did some brain storming to come up with fun 1950s & 60s costume ideas and came up with a TV Dinner! Geoff loved this rather extreme costume idea – most people just dress up as greasers and sock hoppers – so we’ve had the makings of a giant TV Dinner in our living room for the past 6 weeks.

Well, it ended up being a bust. The radio station did indeed advertise that there would be a cash prize, but I guess they went over budget and though Geoff did win for the best male costume, they gave him a crappy gift basket instead of the cash they had advertised. He was furious! And he doesn’t get mad very easily. He plans to write them a letter tomorrow. Uh oh!

For myself, it was a good excuse to pull out the Marilyn wig again. I had a reasonably fun time parading around as Marilyn for the earlier part of the night, but then I got pretty tired and annoyed with the whole thing. The venue and the music wasn’t as good as last year. We won’t be attending again.

On a brighter note, our friend, Inna, won the door prize of a big trip to the Carribean! Not bad at all.