It’s not over ’til it’s over, but the love of the community helps

On Saturday night, I was blown away by the suprise community fundraiser that was held to raise money for Geoff and I to go to Disney World. Geoff has been undergoing treatments for testicular cancer since September and it’s certainly taken its toll on us.

communityFrom me to the community:

How can I express the depth of my thanks? How can I explain the incredible power of community to people who have never experienced something like it? I am overwhelmed by your generosity. It’s been a terrible 4 months & we’re not sure how much longer it’s going to take. Geoff deserves some lighthearted simple pleasure and you’ve made that possible. Please accept our sincerest gratefulness.

From Geoff to the community:

community 2“To our dear friends: Mandi and I (especially I) are completely overwhelmed at your thoughtfulness and generosity. I was so surprised to hear about the amazing fundraiser to send us to Disneyland after chemo is finished. The last couple of months have been the most difficult in our lives and your kindness and caring have turned it around into one of the most heartwarming experiences ever. I have she’d more than one tear thinking about how blessed I am to know such wonderful kind people! I can’t find words to adequately describe our gratitude.
In a couple of weeks, ill be getting re-tested to see what condition the cancer is in now. I’m anxious but have faith that the results will be more than encouraging. And if additional treatment is need, at least it won’t be the dreaded chemo!
Again, we wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. I wish I could have been there to see all the crazy Disney costumes Mandi told me about but thanks to your generosity, we will be seeing the real characters soon enough!
Yayyyyy!!! We’ve got something wonderful to look forward to!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

The GongIt’s been tough. Really tough. A month surrounding the surgery followed by 13 weeks of chemo that just beat Geoff into the ground. Next he has a blood transfusion on Wednesday and then 2 rounds of tests before they determine if he’ll need to have surgery and/or radiation. But thanks to the community, we’ll be able to squeeze in a much needed break and change of scenery for Geoff.

I’ve come this far
I’ve fought the fight
Together with my team,

I’ll hit this gong
And share with you all
The reaching of a dream.

Geoff hitting the gong to mark his final chemo treatment.