Day 19, 20, 21 of Silence to Heal My Vocal Nodules

I was literally about to write that the last few days have been uneventful and that I’ve been able to stay mainly silent, but then one of my birds just tried to bite the other bird and got me instead and I just yelled at him. And I cried because it hurt a lot and none of that is good for my voice. And now I’m still crying because I’m really upset about injuring my voice like that. To go from no speaking to yelling is REALLY BAD. I feel mortified. I can’t tell how much my throat actually hurts until I calm down from crying. Right now it all hurts a lot.

On Day 19 I put a sales woman through the ringer by trying to buy shoes without speaking. Poor lady. She was helpful, and I did get a pair of comfy, flat red mary jane shoes that I’m very happy with. I couldn’t resist the sale. Poor lady.

Yesterday, we went out for dinner. I think the waiter might have thought that Geoff was some sort of pushy husband when he did all the talking for me. I haven’t been wearing my button the last few days. He might have noticed me writing things out for Geoff later though.

I’ve been whispering a bit to Geoff. I shouldn’t. It’s just hard not to.