Favourite Websites

My professional website:


Swing Dance & Related Websites:

Check out these great websites!

Bees’ Knees Dance (my old dance school)

Frankie100.com (one of my events)

FrankiesBirthday.com (one of my events)

FrankieManningFoundation.org (I’m on the Board of Advisors)

WorldLindyHopDay.com (one of my events)

Frankie Tribute Weekend (one of my events)

Swing Toronto

Toronto Lindy Hop

Raw Food

Mandi’s Alternative Baking Blog (one of mine)


Ballyhoo Society

Quantum Pie

Upside Downside Circus

Other Favourites:

My Food Diary


Mandi’s Vintage Hats (one of mine)

Holmes’ Haunted Homes (I manage this one for my husband)