What I Learned from 30 Days of Silence

This summer I completed 30 days of silence to heal my vocal nodules. What are Vocal Nodules? Vocal cord nodules are growths that develop on both vocal cords. Also called “nodes”, they are a type of hard callous that develops as a result of vocal abuse. Thankfully, vocal nodules are benign/noncancerous but they can cause […]

Day 25 & 26

Sort of broke my silence out of necessity today when the Enbridge guy came to cut off our gas due to a potential leak. It was waaaay too complicated to write. I tried to speak quietly but it turned into something louder than a whisper but more like a croak. My voice objected to being […]

Chickened Out – Day 18

Today is Day 18 of silence to heal my vocal nodules. I’m on my own again tonight while Geoff is away on a work trip. I came close to taking myself out to dinner but then I remembered that I can’t talk. On the one hand, that makes total sense for a solo dinner, but […]

Locked Out – Day 16

It’s day 16 of silent treatment to rest my voice due to vocal nodules. I sure hope that those little throat calluses are healing because at 16 days in, this is certainly feeling like a big commitment! I had an awkward incident this morning that’s worth noting. I went for a swim at the St. […]

Visiting my Grandmother – Day 15

Today was Day 15 of silence to heal my vocal nodules. My grandmother is in the hospital. She’s 85 so anything would be a cause for concern, but this is quite serious. Today became another road trip day to go and visit her. She didn’t look too bad, but it’s hard to say. She perked up […]