Niagara Summer Events 2016

I’m trying to compile a list of Niagara summer events for 2016. What am I missing? Summer Events June 4 – Niagara VegFest Vegan Wine Tour & Film Screening June 5 – Niagara VegFest July 7 – 70s Pop – Brass Monkey – 7pm @ Charles Daily Park July 8 – Shake, Rattle & Roll […]

Hoppin’ on the Hudson

April 9th, 2016 *Most of the photos are from Voon Chew & Geoffrey Holmes. Thanks guys! The cat is out of the bag. I was the event planner for a very special event called Hoppin’ on the Hudson that took place this past Saturday at the Rockefeller Estate in Tarrytown, just outside of New York […]

What I Learned from 30 Days of Silence

This summer I completed 30 days of silence to heal my vocal nodules. What are Vocal Nodules? Vocal cord nodules are growths that develop on both vocal cords. Also called “nodes”, they are a type of hard callous that develops as a result of vocal abuse. Thankfully, vocal nodules are benign/noncancerous but they can cause […]